Why Are You Not Reading To Your Children? Part 2


One of the personal reasons I am most passionate about reading to children is in line with the struggle I had as a young student. I’ll share my story with you.

Looking back to my early childhood years, I believe I had a playful childhood which is a good thing and I also had a good preschool education. Sometime in primary school, I switched schools and I was in a place where without much effort, I was often at the top of my class. Moving on to secondary school where I was enrolled in the boarding school, it was a totally different ballgame for me in several ways but especially in taking initiative in learning. Almost throughout secondary school, I struggled with self-directed learning and the end result was usually average grades.

In secondary school, I had a good break from being an average student when my parents decided boarding school was not the best for me. When I started attending school from home, my mum and my siblings constantly encouraged me and I began to study. Whenever I sat to study, I would understand the concepts I was studying. I was never a dull student but I was not naturally a self-directed learner. The cycle again continued when

I was in the university where I was mostly on my own with no parent or sibling to check on me constantly. It took quite a number of failed courses to get me to sit up at the university but ultimately finding my passion has on the long run helped me to become more intentional in learning.

Learning is a lifelong journey if we will not become redundant and every parent should know that in helping your children develop the love of learning, you are empowering them for life. Our children need to have a playful childhood, but we must also help them develop the skill of self-directed learning.

“Learning transcends school. Learning is for life.” – Olukemi Sarah

Self-directed learning is all about a person taking initiative for their own learning in the absence of external motivation. As a student, I often saw my classmates who were self-directed but it was a struggle for me. It’s therefore veryyyyyyy important for parents and teachers to provide some foundational help in the early years to help their children achieve this. JOYFUL, MEMORABLE, EXCITING READING provides room for this.

How so?

Reading and studying is one of the ways in which people learn in life. When children become immersed in a constant routine of reading that is joyful, they begin to pick books without external help and this fosters a love for learning. Getting to the point of independently reading is where parents need to invest their time consistently.

“The most important gift your child needs when developing a love of learning is consistency.” – Olukemi Sarah

Keep reading with your children and never give up.

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