How Would You Feel?

How would you feel if you had it all together? As a young parent, you have all the skills and resources that you need to thrive and achieve balance in your work and family life. Or perhaps you are yet to be married but you are a bit skeptical to become a parent because it means more responsibilities as parenting requires some skills, time and even financial resources.
Or you have been able to figure out some things about parenting, yet, some areas are still gray. There is just so much knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to acquire so that you can parent with ease and bliss.
You know what? I’m excited for you BECAUSE you are in the very right place to get it all figured out. Hurray!

Purpose brought me to raising children

A few years ago, I intentionally started working with children detouring away from the initial higher education I had studying Petroleum Engineering and also the little time I spent testing the waters iof the banking industry before purpose brought me to raising children who are purposeful and holistically developed. In 5years, I have been opportune to work with children and parents. Interestingly, I also became a mum during this time to an energetic, strong-willed and happy son.
With these demands, I have needed a lot of support and resources to function maximally. I have constantly set out to gain skills and gather resources that have been a huge help for me.
That is why I know how it feels to doubt your readiness to become a parent. I have also wondered how the new phase would affect my life and career. In fact, I have had to make very difficult decisions.
I know how it feels to constantly find balance in every area of life. I have been stressed and overwhelmed.

I know what it’s like to cry and also laugh so hard on this parenting journey. I know what it’s like to seek for ways to communicate with your spouse.

I have also anticipated developmental milestones and got so excited about that first tooth, clap and step. I have gained patience in the rigours of feeding my son.

I understand what it’s like to desire that your children are smart, gifted and talented and I absolutely understand that everyone needs support.

My name is Sarah Abraham-Owoseni

I help parents raise children with core skills and godly values to form a strong foundation for life.

As a result of this,

  • I write relatable articles in areas of Parenting and family life that help parents and parents-to-be get equipped in their parenting journey and tackle out areas of concern.
  • I work physically with children through formal schooling and out-of-school programmes to groom them for holistic
  • I provide a hand-holding process to equip parents (with children in the early years) to raise children
    who are developed all-round (physically, cognitively,socially/emotionally and spiritually).

Are you ready to become an intentional parent raising well-rounded children? Start with this Simple Guide on Raising Smart Children

Here's How You Can Work With Me

Online course

If you want to work with me directly to hold your hands along on this journey, then you should enroll for my online course. It is practical, hands-on, result driven and enriching. Watch out for the Super-Intelligent Child course.


My expertise and experience is directly expressed through the formal early childhood institution I lead, Young Breeds Schools. Feel free to enroll your children to enjoy all-round education.


If you just need an instant quick chat/call with me to get clarity on an issue about children, their development and your early childhood parenting, then click here for a free 15 mins consultation.

results from other parents


I knew reading to my child is very important but I hardly did. Now, I feel we've bonded more through this program. I loved the accountability and the sharing. It motivated me to take the exercise seriously.


I just wanted to be more consistent with reading with the kids. The daily prompts reminded me and I felt the need to be responsible. I love the commitment from the women who supported one another to encourage the kids to read daily


Before coming on-board, I wanted to get rid of procrastination and make reading a habit. I can say reading is now an habit. We are not there yet but we are sure not where we used to be. Plus reading is now our bonding time. Thanks to reading Mamas!! The push and commitment, seeing how mothers post on the group what and how they read gave me the zeal to want to share mine.

Corporate Profile:

Sarah Abraham-Owoseni is an Early Childhood Educator and Parenting Coach. She helps parents raise children with core skills and godly values to form a strong foundation for life. She is the Children Development Director at Young Breeds Children and Youth Development Centre which houses Young Breeds Development Initiative and Young Breeds Schools where she serves as the co-founder and Centre Director. In this capacity, she has pioneered children development projects including AGIP: Active, Growing & Intelligent People, Daniel’s Bible Club, Kid’s Skill Up programme, The Reach Out Project. She is an intentional educator with a PGDE in education and she has acquired several formal and informal training in early childhood areas. She is an alumnus of the prestigious Covenant University and the University of Lagos. Sarah is highly interested in the holistic (physical, cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual) development of children. Sarah is married to her soulmate, Abraham and they are blessed with a son, Isaac.