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I help parents raise their children holistically with core skills & godly values to form a strong foundation for life. Here’s my story…

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If you are finding it difficult to engage your children very well or you are frustrated that your children watch TV all day or you can’t get them to study independently and your child’s grades have not improved after different strategies, then you should enroll for my online course – the SUPER INTELLIGENT CHILD COURSE: How To Raise Self-Directed And Inquisitive Children Through Reading Without Future Concerns For Learning


My expertise and experience is on early years and child development.  I am the Children Development Director at Young Breeds Development Initiative as well as the co-founder of Young Breeds Schools. In this capacity, I have pioneered a number of children development projects 

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How would you feel if you had it all together as a parent? Or perhaps you are yet to be married but you are a bit skeptical because of the skills you desire to acquire about children. If you just need an instant quick chat/call with me to get clarity on an issue about children, their development and your early childhood parenting, then book a free 15 mins consultation.

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